Dental Fillings

“Are your teeth extra sensitive to hot or cold? If so, then you may have a cavity.”

If the pleasure of eating a delicious bowl of ice cream or sipping a soothing cup of tea is overshadowed by dental pain that makes you wince, it’s time to contact our office. As skilled providers of care, we’ll determine what’s causing your discomfort and perform the treatment required to alleviate your symptoms and get you back on the road to oral health.

What causes a cavity to develop?

Cavities develop because of an infectious process that causes progressive damage to tooth structure. Despite starting as a simple pinpoint defect on the outermost enamel layer of your tooth, untreated dental decay progressively compromises more and more healthy tooth structure as it works its way to the inner layers of your tooth.

Symptoms of tooth decay

Depending on the extent of the cavity present in your tooth, you might experience anything from a little periodic tooth sensitivity to extreme and continuous discomfort. As untreated cavities deepen, they produce significant damage to the dental enamel and inner layers of the tooth. By continuing to put off care, irreversible damage to the nerve of the tooth, a dental infection, tooth loss, and more severe consequences to your overall health and well-being are possible.

If a cavity is present

Prevention is the best way to reduce your risk of tooth decay and protect the health of your smile. However, even if a cavity is present, our skilled and experienced professional team will get you back on the road to oral health.

Your smile is in the best of hands at our office! We provide precise and gentle care to remove tooth decay as well as any damaged tooth structure and will restore your smile with seamless results. Whether you need a small filling, a more extensive restoration, or root canal therapy to preserve your natural smile, we’re well equipped to help. Our office uses the latest technology and most advanced generations of tooth-colored filling materials to create restorations that are naturally beautiful and long-lasting!